Welcome to Virtual Histories, a project that brings to life four coastal landscapes, allowing you to explore past worlds.

The goal of the project was to build upon community projects undertaken at archaeological sites threatened by coastal erosion. We have built four reconstructions in collaboration with communities and their local museums. The project spans the north, south, east and west of Scotland and the four models recreate different historical periods and locations.

To see the full models, visit the Explorer Stations in our four partner museums:


The models have been built using a survey data collected in the field and builds upon archaeological and historical evidence. We invite you to explore the landscapes and buildings of the past, where you can click on information hotspots to learn more about the sites. Walk back in time and explore a sixteenth century fort, an early modern industrial site, a fishing station and an island village.

On this website, you can read about the four sites and can download your own viewer to access the models.

This website provides some background to the project and gives you a taste of what has been created.



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